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Book Reviews from the Field: Psychologist, Psych Nurses

Thanks to Psych Central for adding Ben Behind His Voices to the excellent titles in their Mental Health Library. I’m proud to be listed here!

Readers who also happen to be healthcare providers (psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, etc.) give extra hope that the messages in our story (greater empathy, the human face of mental illness, reduction of stigma, need for early detection, more integrated treatment options, new research, increased services, open communication and teamwork in recovery) will continue to branch out to others. Thank you!

From Nicholette Leanza, M.Ed, PCC-S – review on Psych Central

Ben Behind His Voices is an inspirational story about a family’s experience with schizophrenia… This book is a good resource for individuals with schizophrenia and their families. It also serves as a strong reminder to mental health professionals to treat individuals affected with the illness with dignity and compassion… Continue reading Book Reviews from the Field: Psychologist, Psych Nurses