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Nurse Jackie and the Effect of Meds

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Nurse Jackie on Showtime

If you watch Nurse Jackie on Showtime, you know that her daughter Grace, age 11, has been suffering with an anxiety disorder that has her heart racing, fears escalating and thoughts rushing.

Ont this week’s episode Grace asks to be put on medication, and her therapist and family agree to try it.  Jackie sits with her daughter as the first pediatric (low) dose of Xanax kicks in, and asks how she feels.

Grace talks about how she can feel her heart slowing down, and how she is starting to feel that she can say  “No!” to the many ideas that are all demanding her attention. The ideas are still there, she says, but she now knows she has the power to ignore them if she chooses to.

I imagine that, for Ben, this is what his medication does for him.  I know he is far from “cured”, but when he is stable on his medication he seems to have the power to turn the volume down Continue reading Nurse Jackie and the Effect of Meds