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“A Moment of Clarity”: Art, Bipolar Disorder, and Courage

I’ve just learned about a wonderful new documentary called A Moment of Clarity.  I had a long conversation with its producer, Kevin Cullen, and the hope for  this wonderful movie is the same as for Ben Behind His Voices: To reduce stigma, promote understanding, honor the talent and courage of those with mental health issues by focusing on one human story, and share their family’s experience as well. Check it out! There is a preview on the homepage, and the movie will be available for screenings to interested audiences. Contact Kevin Cullen for more information.

The story, according to the website, is this:

“A Moment of Clarity” is an intimate documentary providing true insight into the world of bipolar disorder told through the life and art of emerging painter Isti Kaldor.(Pronounced: Ish-tea)

Having aspirations of touching people’s lives by attending medical school and becoming a

Moment of Clarity
Isti and His Amazing Art

physician was always his goal. Life however, had other plans. At the age of 19, during his sophomore year of college in Boone, NC, Isti suffered his first manic break and was diagnosed bipolar by the attending psychiatrist at Duke University Hospital. Continue reading “A Moment of Clarity”: Art, Bipolar Disorder, and Courage