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Mental Health Awareness Month, Mothers’ Day, and Memoir Readers

mental health awareness monthMay is days away – bringing both Mothers’ Day and  Mental Health Awareness Month. This has me thinking about wonderful readers who have taken the time to share their thoughts with me – and not only those who are affected by mental illness in their families (one in four families, btw- we are “the 25%”), but also those who see Ben Behind His Voices as, to quote the Library Journal review, “a darn good read for memoir fans.”

Sure, I wrote the book to open eyes to the issues surrounding mental illness and the family, and to help others going through it – but under it all, it’s also the story of a mother (and a sister) who refused to give up on someone they love. I don’t have to have

mothers day gift
a gift from Ben, Mothers Day 2011

shoveled coal to appreciate Angela’s Ashes. And I’m glad that many family members in “the 75%” not directly affected by mental illness in a loved one are still writing to say how much the story of family love and strength means to them.

Here are some recent comments. Thank you!!!

Randye Kaye has touched my heart with this book. It’s not just about battling a disease, it’s about a mother’s love for her family and her relentless crusade to help her children to be the best that they can regardless of what obstacles in life are placed in their way. Randye brings you into her family circle and writes with such emotion that you feel that you are experiencing every high and low with her. It’s a story of courage, of never giving up, of hope. It is a story of inspiration that leaves you feeling that although life does not always turn out the way you hope, it can be ok. This book is not just for families of children battling mental illness, it’s for all parents who face different challenges with their children. I could not put the book down once I started it. Such an incredible story. I hope there is a sequel so we can see how Ben is coping a few years from now. Great book for all, I would highly recommend reading it. – ESM, latest customer review on Amazon

It isn’t often that I spend a little more than a day finishing a book. I usually have 2 or 3 books going at once and I finish them as the spirit moves me…I was truly moved by your story. – MS, Chicago reader

What strikes me most about the story is the reserve of human endurance and the depths of love and resilience of the family…And Ben: how courageous he is and what it takes to manage the disorder comes through on the pages. Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month, Mothers’ Day, and Memoir Readers

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