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Living with Schizophrenia: Your Family is not Alone

Best Mothers’ Day gift ever: the Miracle of Ordinary.  Just a simple family dinner for 5, out on the deck, with everyone trying hard to do it all without my help (and me trying hard to stay out of the preparations, not always successfully but close!)  Cute. Sweet. In a MasterCard word: Priceless

Why? So much to be grateful for – happy marriages for both me and my daughter, the end of school finals (i.e. stress) for my son-in-law and son, sunshine, food on the table, etc. – and another Mothers’ Day with my son with us instead of in the hospital.

In the past few weeks, I’ve met many amazing Moms. One of them is Claire, whose daughter Rebecca also lives with schizophrenia, as does my son Ben.  Their story is included in the documentary Living with Schizophrenia (click to view it for free), which is one of Hope and Recovery – when treatment includes the right medications, love of family and community, and healthcare providers who treat the human being, not just the illness,  in a partnership of open communication.

I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca and Claire at the National Council Conference last month in Chicago, along with Dr. Rebecca Roma (also in the film). All of these wonderful women inspire me, and I hope they will inspire you too. Continue reading Living with Schizophrenia: Your Family is not Alone