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Bring Change 2 Mind

Want a wonderful site to learn more about advocacy and acceptance? Check out http://www.bringchange2mind.org/.  Glenn Close, co-founder, will speak to neuroscientists in November.  Also, as always, check out NAMI for education, support, info – national at http://www.nami.org/ or your state affiliate.

Ben received an evaluation from his drama professor, who has no idea he has schizophrenia. Evaluated him against professional acting standards.  Effort? An A. Acting skills? B- or C+, maybe (and the acting skills grade in the one that he will probably get in the course).

My own inner voice is shouting “not fair!!!” Would a physical education professor penalize a runner with an arthritic knee for not being able to win the race?  Ben is devastated.  For him, memorizing and delivering his monologue, knowing and executing all his blocking and lines, being a reliable cast member – he thinks he did a wonderful job. So do I.  Every class attended, every assignment in on time — is it fair to grade according to these exacting acting skills alone? Especially when Ben’s scholarship depends on his grades?

If he hadn’t tried, I’d leave it alone. But his commitment and hard work were never in question.

The dilemma: do I tell the professor about how hard Ben struggles sometimes just to follow a conversation, much less remain focused for an entire play?  Does he know what a miracle it was that Ben completed this?  Do I, as Ben’s conservator, step in and give the professor this info? It soesn’t seem fair that, now that Ben can “hide” his symptoms with the help of meds that also dull much of his energy, for him to be graded on a lack of physical energy on stage.

Dilemma. I so want to Bring Change 2 the Mind of that professor….