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Looking Ahead, Reflecting Back: BBHV 2011, 2012

January 4th already. Happy New Year, 2012! Always a good time to look back – but not for too long. Also an exciting time to preview what’s possible, as well as planned,  for the new year.

BBHV spotted at social workers Conference

In our family we do a “year in review” of our own as we approach New Year’s Eve, and certainly tops for me in 2011 was the publication of Ben Behind His Voices, hardcover and audiobook, and all the opportunities that has brought with it to reach families, healthcare professionals, and PAMIs (“People Affected by Mental Illness”, the best term I can come up with so far) with its story, information and messages. This year I have been privileged to present at the APNA (American Psychiatric Nurses Association) Annual Conference, sign books at the US Psych Congress, attend and do a poster presentation at NAMI‘s Annual Conference in Chicago, and connect with so many wonderful readers at author talk/book-reading events for NAMI, RJ Julia Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Written Words, Congregation B’nai Israel in CT, Fellowship Place, Laurel House, and many more (see “News and Events” for details). Continue reading Looking Ahead, Reflecting Back: BBHV 2011, 2012

Spreading Hope: Speaking and Submitting 28UFDXR7Y75H

My potential book publicist just described Ben Behind His Voices, and its message within, as “a beacon of hope” for those who are going through any similar challenge with a disability in a loved one. I hope so. Oh, do I hope so. That is my dream for this memoir, and for this blog: to spread hope, to reduce stigma, to open dialogues, to increase understanding and respect for those with mental illness and for their families.

I’ve submitted this blog to Technorati so that others can find it. To do that, I must include the code here: 28UFDXR7Y75H.  (It’s in the title too – just in case)

Meanwhile, on June 9th, I will be the keynote speaker for Fellowship Place in New Haven, Connecticut.  Fellowship Place is a shining example of how important community is to those in the mental illness recovery process. NAMI reminds us that essentials for recovery include, among other elements:

  • a safe and stable environment
  • an educated, supportive family
  • something to get involved in: work, community, advocacy
  • sustaining hope and a vision of what is possible.

My Ben would not be where he is without his community – his job coach, caseworkers, house supervisors, doctors, family a friends. It takes a mental health village.  Kudos to all who serving as a beacon of hope, and to all who are absorbing it all so they too may someday advocate as well.

Fellowship Place Community