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Satellite Media Tour: Tales from the Virtual Road

Wow. Last Tuesday, all from the comfort of the Murray Hill Studios in NYC, I had the privilege of appearing all over the country thanks to the magic of Satellite – and a fabulous make-up artist didn’t hurt, either.  Here’s one interview that aired on Fox News (.com).

Since Peggy Ann couldn’t see me at first, she thought I was a “he” at first – a problem my mother tried to solve by spelling my first name with that “e” at the end, ages ago…) – but then, of course, I countered with my own slip-up, calling her Betty Ann. Not on purpose, I swear. After several interviews in a row, the brain tends to freeze a bit like an overworked computer.

This was a fair and neutral interview, although that word “unfortunately” did creep into her medication question. I think I handled it fairly, though. What do you think?