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Listen to a Scene: Ben Behind His Voices

One week before Ben’s first hospitalization in 2003, I stopped by his apartment because he wasn’t answering my calls. This is what I found, from the chapter “Not Sick Enough.” Ben’s silent treatment, and his living conditions, were almost grounds for the Emergency Room- but not quite. Not yet.


So yesterday Ben was visiting for the weekend (we went to see two outdoor theatre productions, which he loves – and I think he followed the plot of Much Ado About Nothing better than my fiance and I did…), and he told me that he’d been talking to another person who lives in supported housing with med supervision, etc. He said – and I quote – “He’s diagnosed with schizophrenia, too.” – WHOA! Milestone. Ben seldom acknowledges his diagnosis, and I”ve learned not to bring it up.

I simply said something like, “Oh- that’s interesting”, but inside I was heartened. One more baby step. If I don’t push, if I let the journey be his journey, if I keep the right combination of letting go and encouraging progress, hope lives.

This morning there is an article in the paper from the AP, “Scientists try to stop schizophrenia in its tracks”. Schizophrenia’s prodrome – validation for need of early detection. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090726/ap_on_he_me/us_med_stopping_schizophrenia