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Depression out of the Closet: The Boss too

springsteenAdd Bruce Springsteen to the list of celebrities willing to talk about their mental issues.

Springsteen talks about his lifelong battles with depression in a 16,000-word New Yorker profile hitting the stands this week.

Every time someone in the public eye is willing to talk about mental illness, the door opens to acceptance just a bit more, and stigma is dealt a blow.

Ben and I are trying to do the same thing with our  book. This week I was thrilled to present “Listen Up! Hearing the Family’s Perspective on Illness ” as Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds at Bridgeport Hospital, and honored to receive this feedback:

“I truly appreciated your candor, your humor, and your heart in speaking on this topic. I’d like to think I pride myself on empathy and compassion with all my patients, but I know after hearing you speak, I will double my efforts, all around, no matter the condition.  Thanks again for a really worth while and inspiring talk.”

To touch another person like that – well, that’s the reason I wrote the book and speak out. Thank you.

Yes, right now it is mostly my crusade as Ben’s Mom – but someday I hope that Ben will speak out too. I see signs of acceptance in him, but I know he is not ready to say, in public, that he has schizophrenia. That’s okay. I will take what we’ve got, and I know what it takes. Patience. Understanding. Love. And some luck too.

Meanwhile – Thanks, Boss, for your courage and honesty.  You’ve kicked the door open another inch.

a preview of awesome DVD on effects on family: The National Alliance on Mental Illness: In Our Own Voice Family Companion

This is a preview of a DVD associated with a research project. The full DVD is meant to be presented in its entirety along with a program, part of a NAMI-CT collaboration with NIMH, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Institute of Living. If anyone would like to see the video with a presentation, Ann Nelson is happy to arrange that for family members or providers. NAMI-CT at 203-927-1541 or familyresearch@namict.org.