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Families on the Treatment Team- and book reviews

First two official reviews for Ben Behind His Voices: exciting! Every positive review, from official sources like these and from readers, will help spread the message of respect, empathy, truth and the need for supportive services for those with mental illness and the people who love them.

From Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal:

An illuminating portrait of a parent coping with the guilt and heartbreak that come from feeling like one can’t “fix” one’s child. VERDICT: Recommended for anyone who is involved with teens or those with mental disorders, and a darn good read for memoir fans.
-Library Journal

A mother wrestles with the advent of her son’s schizophrenia and its long, painful
unfolding….The author….is eminently helpful, particularly in the matter of self-medication,
which so many of the mentally ill prefer to taking the medications that have been prescribed for them….Heartfelt and surely of help to those new to living with mentally ill
loved ones of their own.
-Kirkus review, June 15 2011

Thank you so much for “liking” BBHV’s facebook page, following this blog, calling your libraries to ask them to order the book, and especially now for this: your comments of support re Ben’s recent relapse, and your agreements in outrage that transitional services are greatly in need of improvement. Ben is currently, thankfully, still safe in the hospital while I scramble to try and figure out what options there are for after his release.  This I know: if proper plans are not made, he’ll slip through the cracks again and will re-relapse. There needs to be the “Person-Centered Treatment” Continue reading Families on the Treatment Team- and book reviews