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Mental Health Keynotes

As author of Ben Behind His Voices: One Family’s Journey from the Chaos of Schizophrenia to Hope, Randye presents to audiences of families, psychologists, clergy, non-profits, and anyone who provides services for those with mental illness.


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Topics include:

  • Look Up From Your Paperwork: 7 Ways to Engage Family Members for More Successful Mental Health Outcomes – 4 hour workshop for professionals, can be CEU (recently presented Ministry Health, WI)
  • SEARCH: What Families Need when Mental Illness Strikes (SEARCH stands for Support, Education, Acceptance, Resilience, Communication Skills, and Hope/ Humor) – recently presented at Sacred Heart University (nursing students), NAMI NYS, PPAL in Massachusetts, US Psych congress)
  • Engaging Family Members in Recovery Partnership: Top Ten Steps (recent presentations include  National Council Conference , Bridgeport Hospital Grand Rounds )
  • From Stigma to Stability: Changing Minds About Mental Illness (recently presented to Westport Rotary Club, University of Wisconsin, and Mount Union College in Ohio)
  • Author/Bookreading Events – Randye (also narrator of the award-winning audiobook of Ben Behind His Voices) speaks at libraries, bookstores, parenting events and via phone or Skype to book clubs of ten or more as schedule permits.
  • Mental Illness and Your Congregation:  How You Can Help the Silently Suffering Families – Rabbis, Pastors, and other faith leaders: one in four families is dealing with a major mental illness and they may feel afraid or ashamed to reach out. How you can help them.
  • Therapeutic Alliance for Mental Health Recovery: The value of Open Communication between Healthcare Providers, Families/Caregivers, and Patients/Consumers (recently at APNA, APA)
  • Bouncing Back Bolder: How Resilience Adds to Happiness
  • The Power of Purpose: How Employment Strengthens the Recovery Process in Mental Health (Kennedy Center Inc., May 2012)
  • Let’s Talk About It: How Telling Your Story Can Make an Impact and Help Create Change (next presentation, NAMI Conference 2012)
  • Look Up from the Paperwork: Seven Ways Mental Healthcare Professionals can make a Personal Difference (recently presented to Mental Health Nursing Students at Fairfield University)


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Randye is often in demand as a keynote speaker, including recent appearances for: APNA, APA, National Council Mental Health and Addiction; Arizona State; NAMI, several states and National; Fellowship Place in New Haven, Bridgeport Regional Business Council/Women’s Leadership Council; Fairfield University ; NAMI Walks Kickoff Luncheon; Workshop Leader at the “Passion in Action” Women’s Conference on the Shoreline, and Keystone House Silent Auction in Norwalk.

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