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Kimberly: (Facebook comment):

“This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard on SMI and Schizophrenia. I have found so many resources and learned so much from the guest speakers and these three wonderful women advocates: Randye, Mindy, and Miriam. I am thankful for what you three ladies are doing. Through your podcast I have found hope and inspiration. I truly thank you for the work you are doing here.”

Jacqueline: (via Instagram comment)

” I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to tune into your podcasts. I’ve almost listened to all of them, I can’t get enough! You have impacted me greatly and I feel a part of my life has changed because of you. So, thank you!”

Susan –

 A friend of a friend recommended your podcast and I can’t thank them enough for doing so. Have made my way through every episode and am so grateful for what you 3 do. I’ve shared w my Family to Family class and you have many more new listeners…Very grateful to you. Sending thanks and hope.

Christal Cori –

Thank you for this! My mother had schizophrenia, and it is great to have more conversation around this complex disease and its ripple effect.

Mary Troy

Thank you for your advocacy and for this outstanding podcast Randye! “It is what it is!”


Shelley Dillenberg, Facebook (bbhv reader group)

I listened. I feel like I personally know all 3 of you. Looking forward to the next one. I would love to join the discussion too..

Laura Baxter: (fb message)

Schizophrenia mom here.  Thank you so much for sharing your story… God bless you hang in there.

Jody DeLeon:

I LOVED the first podcast and actually wanted to post it here . Is there a way to sign up for notifications with the podcast, so I can know when there is a new one ? I don’t want to miss it !

Jen Johnson 

So critically REAL! Essential information and advice and incredible mothers!

Melanie Noble-Barket

 ♥️Thank you for providing these videos 😊 It’s just so helpful and comforting to hear your stories and experiences and to know I’m not alone in this nightmare. I also am thankful to learn about the books/authors and have read or recently ordered them all!  I do wish there was an ability to have a Q&A, but I also understand the limitations.

Lynn Merritt Stewart –

Just yesterday, I listened to episode six on conservatorship. Of course, I’ve been loving every episode!Your three moms episodes have been fantastic! You’ve helped so many!  Although my situation is different since I’m not dealing with schizophrenia you  have also helped me!  There are so many similarities with different types of mental illness!  I really look forward to each new episode!  Looking forward to episode seven!!