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NEW in 2022! – the Ben Behind His Voices audiobook has been updated with a new intro, epilogue, and bonus material! – available only in audiobook form.

Hear all of the original award-nominated memoir, and find out what has happened in the decade since. We continue our journey into hope.

Available at Chirp, Rakuten/Kobo, NookScribd, LibroFM, and, of course, Audible.

The first (2011)Ben Behind His Voices audiobook was nominated for Publishers’ Weekly Listen Up award! Called “among the best of the best” in “Read by Author” category.

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Schizophrenia: 3 Moms in the Trenches podcast – new episodes weekly!

To contact Randye for a personal appearance or interview, please visit “Contact and Booking Info” page

Recent Events and Comments (Thanks!)

June 15, 2002 – Keynote Presentation

Keynote: Fellowship Place, New Haven CT

When Mental Illness Strikes Someone You Love: A Conversation with Randye Kaye about the Family Experience

comments: “Thanks again for a wonderful  evening for our staff and visitors.  You tell your story with heart and humor,  and everyone takes away  new insights  on how mental illness impacts the whole family, not just the individual who is sick. We are so grateful for all you do.” – Mary Guerrera, Executive Director

April, 1, 2021 -Keynote Presentation

for Mental Health Association of San Mateo County,

comments: “Today was a resounding success because of you.  We’re getting so many rave reviews.  Many of our staff were moved to tears.  I do hope we can work together again.” – Sara Furrer, mhamsc


March 1, 2021 – guest, Extra Innings Podcast with Albert Dabah 

Episode info here –



Extra Innings is a mental health podcast that hopes to spark conversation about the sensitive topics of mental illness, anxiety, depression, and suicide. Albert Dabah is the host, a life coach with a Masters in Social Work who interviews mental health workers, actors, and coaches about what mental health means to them and their experiences from their own lives. Here we aim to break down the stigmatized subject of mental illness in digestible and relatable ways, bringing more voices to the table to engage with these vital topics.

Extra Innings is an amazing Indie Movie about baseball and a lot more. “The movie is a coming of age story of a young man, David Sabah, caught between pursuing his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and the pressures of his conservative Syrian-Jewish family and religion. On top of this, the family must deal with the reality of mental health.”

 Greenburgh Public Library, Elmsford, NY – “From Heartbreak to Inspiration” – Mental Illness in the Family and the Value of Sharing Stories. ” a wonderful presentation….a great combination of writing topics and mental health issues, it appealed to the audience’s different interests.” – Diana Lennon, Librarian

Rome Hospital, NY – Mental Health Conference Keynote Speaker – Mental Illness and the Involved Family: Working Together for Successful Outcomes – “I just wanted to say thanks for your time you spent with us.  You were extremely well received in the evaluations; normally I would give you any constructive criticism that the audience wrote, but honestly there was none!” – Gregory Jones

October 27, 2015:  University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point< – Community Presentation, From Chaos to Hope: One Family’s Story of Schizophrenia, Struggle and Success


April 14, 2015 – UMass Amherst, MA– Addressed students of Psych 391SM Seminar (Stigma and Mental Illness), as well as Abnormal Psychology, about “From Stigma to Stability: Living with Mental Illness“:

Thanks again for your incredible presentation. My students LOVED it and loved you (and your book)!  I just finished reading their papers in response to your book this weekend and some of them were really great and clearly students were deeply moved by your book.  They commented often about your incredible honesty in the book and really felt emotionally connected to you and to your family.

August 11, 2014 – Psychiatry GRAND ROUNDS at Princeton Healthcare –  “The SEARCH Method of Engaging Family Members in the Treatment of Severe Psychiatric Illness.” The target audience: Department of Psychiatry, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses

May 20, 2014 – keynote speaker, Bridges Mental Health, Milford CT, Fundraiser – 

May 15, 2014 – Women’s Consortium – “Family Psycho-Education in Treatment of People with Severe Mental Illness” 

May 8, 2014 – NAMI Buffalo- Erie County, keynote speaker. “we are so appreciative of your inspiring talk…our members (doctors included) were so impressed with your message of love and hope.” – Marcy Rose

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