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when your relative has a mental illness, he or she can still be part of the family. It won’t be perfect, but it will be something.

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  1. My daughter suffers from schizo-affective disorder, and needs help badly, is 27 and homeless, also implied she’d been attacked recently – and I cannot house her. PLS help, she was supposed to be my caretaker, but didn’t know her illness was to such an extent, as I hadn’t seen her In 7 years, and was last noted, in 2016 as I believe having depression. I am very, very concerned about my daughter ( SHANAY Jacob’s welfare – and am voicing a 2nd plea for her – – Pls help her – As I’ve been stressed to the max as I am also Problemed with an upstairs mentally-ill neighbor, who who is constantly stalking my whereabouts, and creating a “restless environment” for myself, and my pet who has a heart problem, forcing us to abandon our lease, and hopefully move asap, with God’s blessing.

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