Not-So-Happy Holidays? How to Manage with SMI in the Family

What if, for families coping with SMI (serious mental illness) in a loved one, the holiday season is “the most difficult time of the year”?

The 3 Moms Discuss – Holidays past, in joy, crisis or grief – and how we currently celebrate what is…the best we can.

Some tips we share:

  • Lower Holiday expectations and Marketing Myths (e.g., perfect holidays)
  • Plan Ahead – even for possible disaster
  • Have a Plan B – and maybe C, D…
  • Include Your Loved One as Much as Possible, Especially if They Can Help
  • Don’t Let the “Unsqueaky Wheels” feel ignored
  • Cherish the Good Moments – Find the Positives
  • Be Willing to Change Traditions as Needed
  • Set and Enforce Limits  – Know Your Boundaries
  • Imagine How it Is for Your Loved One
  • Family Love Matters – You Do Make a Difference

Happy (and Realistic) Holidays to You All!

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