Schizophrenia: 3 Moms in the Trenches Podcast

In recent posts, I reviewed two new memoirs from fellow MRQs (Moms who Refuse to Quit) Miriam “Mimi” Feldman and Mindy Greiling. Both memoirs were recently released (unfortunately forced by the pandemic into virtual-only book tours), and are both stellar and unique.

So – we met each other (virtually, of course – what else could we do?) and have teamed up to create a new podcast/youtube show for Moms like us – and also for other caregivers, practitioners, family members, and those (like our sons) who are diagnosed with schizophrenia – if they are in a place to want to hear about our side of the story.

Ben would not care to watch this, I know, as he still lacks insight into his illness (anosognosia) – but our hope is that the content is there for whomever is ready to hear it.

audio podcast or YouTube video

Here is the description:

Three Moms in the Trenches: (East, West, and Mid-US). We each have adult sons with schizophrenia and have written acclaimed books about it. We say it like it is, to help families, practitioners and those with SMI (serious mental illness) feel less alone…and learn. Randye Kaye -Broadcaster, Actress, Voice Talent, Speaker, and Author (“Ben Behind his Voices”) Miriam Feldman – Artist, Mom, Author “He Came in With It” Mindy Greiling – member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for twenty years. Activist, Legislator, Author (“Fix What You Can”)

Podcast can be found here:

YouTube  (please subscribe to be informed as each weekly episode comes out!


7 thoughts on “Schizophrenia: 3 Moms in the Trenches Podcast

  1. I too am an MRQ and I can’t begin to tell you how much these podcasts mean to me! I’ve of course read all three books and I already felt that I knew you (just finished Mindy’s) but these conversations are invaluable. I can’t thank you enough! At some point I’d love to hear how the financial aspect of having an adult child with an SMI has impacted your lives. My husband and I are still working in our late 60’s and early 70’s in order to provide for our son everything that he needs to live a life of dignity beyond what his SSI provides ( that’s a conversation for another time! (:
    And how about the pros and cons of private vs. public guardianship. And who will be there for our adult children after we’re gone? Thank you so much Randye. ♥️

  2. My career goal is to be a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in schizophrenia research and treatment. Your podcast helps offer me insight onto the experiences of your boys and family. Thank you for sharing your realities.

  3. A friend of a friend recommended your podcast and I can’t thank them enough for doing so. Have made my way through every episode and am so grateful for what you 3 do. I’ve shared w my Family to Family class and you have many more new listeners. My son is a classic case, incredibly high achieving, refuses to accept he is ill after 2 years being homeless, on disability, etc. He is now a father to a one year old, who brings him much joy but a whole other set of issues. So my suggestion for topics: people with SMI who are parents themselves, and why schizophrenia affects so many more men than women. I have always thought that solving that question might answer other questions about the illness. Very grateful to you. Sending thanks and hope.

    1. Hi Susan and thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing the info with your F2F class. You are why we do the podcast. I can only imagine how a grandchild adds to the picture – the joys and the worries, all mixed together. Hugs and hope to you too. Please let us know if there’s a topic you want us to cover.
      Randye Mimi and Mindy

      1. Randye, thanks so much for your reply. I think it was the podcast on marijuana that really got me thinking about the connection of why schizophrenia population is majority males. Perhaps link to more men smoking pot? At any rate, hearing also about issues around parents w SMI and grandparent roles would be terrific. And when children are far away. In our case, on different coasts. Thank you thank you. 🙏

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