Dear Readers: Thanks for your stories

One of the best gifts in any day is finding an unexpected letter or e-mail from someone who has just read Ben Behind His Voices . I treasure these words, and am grateful to you who take the time to share your reactions and stories. These are the best reviews an author can have, especially when they validate the reasons for writing the book in the first place.

A sample from this week’s inbox:

“I have just finished reading your book—my first on mental illness—and feel SO enlightened.  It is  well-written, from the heart …That love, perseverance and hope continue to be greater than the struggle you face /have faced was a key take-away for me.  Thank you for writing this extremely insightful and honest testimony.  The resources at end of the book are an excellent addition.”- reader in CT

“I recently met you at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference in California. Your talk was extraordinary and very moving, and I continued to be captivated by your book on the plane home. I will be teaching a group of sophomore nursing students in their Mental Health Nursing class this spring, and have made your book required reading for them over the winter break.” – University School of Nursing Professor and Program director

“I have just finished your book.  I read it in its entirety in 2 days…I am still reeling inside from your candid revelations and your unbelievably forthright delivery.  I have to stop typing every once in a while to wipe my tears as I try to put into words what I want to say to you. .. Thank you.  Thank you for having the guts to tell your story, Ben’s story, Ali’s story and for giving the rest of us hope.”- A sibling dealing with mental illness in her sister

Thank you!


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