Satellite Media Tour: Tales from the Virtual Road

Wow. Last Tuesday, all from the comfort of the Murray Hill Studios in NYC, I had the privilege of appearing all over the country thanks to the magic of Satellite – and a fabulous make-up artist didn’t hurt, either.  Here’s one interview that aired on Fox News (.com).

Since Peggy Ann couldn’t see me at first, she thought I was a “he” at first – a problem my mother tried to solve by spelling my first name with that “e” at the end, ages ago…) – but then, of course, I countered with my own slip-up, calling her Betty Ann. Not on purpose, I swear. After several interviews in a row, the brain tends to freeze a bit like an overworked computer.

This was a fair and neutral interview, although that word “unfortunately” did creep into her medication question. I think I handled it fairly, though. What do you think?

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  1. Such a great interview, Randye! You did awesomely well and Peggy Ann did seem very sympathetic, as did the fellow she was speaking with after your portion was completed. Congratulations on the media coverage! Hopefully, this will help other families in a similar situation.

    1. thanks! actually, I was very pleased with the lack of stigma/judgment in all these interviews. I do hope that it is of help to other families. I’m finding that the more open we are, the less we are faced with opposition. That helps!

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