A Good Day: Ben Comes Back

Ben is on the phone in the other room right now, talking to his friends and explaining that he hasn’t been able to call because  “I didn’t take my meds and so I was in the hospital for six weeks.” Hey! That’s way more open than he was with the psychiatrist this afternoon. Very interesting. But – he sounds alive. Happy. And I can breathe once again, while my to-do list grows with ideas to try and prevent this last relapse from happening again.

But today – we celebrate. Sure, “what-ifs” can always crowd out the joy, but short of the actions we can take today, and plan for later, there is nothing left but the choice to be grateful. That’s where we are right now, and boy does it feel good. I have never regretted letting happiness win, not once. Whatever else happens – or could happen – we are, and will be, able to handle it somehow. (That’s one of my favorite “momentary mantras”…I have seven of them that will form the heart of my next book, Happier Made Simple)

And there’s more! This is a really cool day.

Ben Behind His Voices books
the first copies! Photographer: Ben himself

1.A package arrived from Rowman and Littlefield: my six “author copies” of my book! And – amazingly – the first one to see these copies was Ben. He’s the one who took the picture you see here.

2. Author appearances are building. The latest: a collaboration with the wonderful, devoted, brilliant folks over at Laurel House in Stamford, CT. Watch for more details, but it looks like the book launch party will also be an awareness raiser for the issues we all care about (and solutions, such as the ones exhibited at Laurel House). Save the evening of September 22nd and e-mail me if you want an invite!

3. Thrilled to announce a new partner for Ben Behind His Voices, this time for the audiobook version. I start work next week on the narration for Spoken Word Inc., and it will be available in both CD and downloadable versions. So excited! – This company is dedicated, passionate, thoroughly professional, and as excited about the book as I am. Watch for more on this, but you can always go to facebook and “like” their page at SpokenWordInc, and/or the Ben Behind His Voices, audiobook page.

BBHV audiobookcover
audiobook version of "ben"

4.Ben’s employer – the best ever – is welcoming him back to work after this six-week absence. Before this episode, they had no idea Ben has schizophrenia. Now they know. And they are still giving him back his job – with a willingness to adjust his hours to whatever the Doctor suggests. Now that’s another miracle. Ben starts back to work tomorrow.

And, while you’re on facebook, the published version of “Ben” has both a group and a page. Thanks!

Yes, a very good day. My family feels complete again. I’ll take every day of that I can get. And now – to figure out the next best steps. Ben’s stay with us is only a “visit” so we can get the transitional pieces into place.

0 thoughts on “A Good Day: Ben Comes Back

  1. I’m so so so glad to hear this fantastique news.Happy and healthy gathering will elevate Well-Being fast with strong foundation.BEN will be stronger than ever;I believe in Love and miracles.
    Best Wishes…

  2. Congrats! Glad to here he is doing well, thought and prayers for you as you journey through putting things back together. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  3. Started the book yesterday, the day it arrived. We never knew about these challenges your family faced; how could we?

    Thank you for sharing your story, in such a beautiful way. I will be passing the book on through my own family. Every family has challenges, and we share these.

    Glad you’re all having a good day. May there be many more.

    So proud to know you all.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. So many families keep these challenges hidden; the hope is that by sharing our story we’ll give others the courage to do the same – or at least to feel less alone. It’s through people like you that the message can spread!
      thanks again

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