Mental Illness Recovery: Four Cornerstones

Ben’s recent setback (and, fingers crossed, re-recovery) has cemented, in my mind, the “Four Cornerstones of Recovery”  in Mental Health.  Here I share them in in a short video for’s YouTube Channel.

Attention must be paid to the human being, while making sure the physical balance is maintained by supervising medications.

And for the family? This reminder: education helps. Here, a link to an article about Family-to-Family, and its documented effectiveness:

Support Program Can Help Caregivers Cope with Relative’s Mental Illness

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  1. This is great, what always amazes me about caring for/treating people with mental health disorders including addictions it that I have “learned” over the years that most of us live more happily if we give ourselves cornerstones such as these. As long as we keep some people in the “others” box and label them, we cannot see the universality in what people need/want for a more fulfilled life.

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