What’s it Like?: 20 Greatest Memoirs in Mental Illness

Another great resource, especially if you’re looking to contribute your experience professionally, and want to get your Masters’ Degree online : Masters in Health Care . This latest blog post also lists the 20 Greatest Memoirs in Mental Illness. Whether you have been diagnosed yourself, are providing services professionally, or as a family member (lots of work, no salary!), getting the insiders’ view is invaluable.

If this were my list, I’d add the following memoirs:

Henry’s Demons
The Day the Voices Stopped
His Bright Light
Beautiful Boy

Someday I hope Ben Behind His Voices will make this list. When it does, I’ll know that its message of hope and its dose of reality will have reached more readers – and that the message will spread.  Guess it’s a bit much to expect to be on here, since the publication date is still a few months away! Want a peek? Amazon has it for you.

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