Schizophrenia Recreated in a Computer

How does schizophrenia develop in the brain?  What happens? Dr. Ralph Hoffman creates “hyperlearning” in computers, which then recalled stories as a schizophrenic patient might.

Hear the interview here.

“Reporting in the journal Biological Psychiatry, researchers write of modeling schizophrenia in a computerized simulation of the brain’s connections, called a “neural network.” Yale psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Hoffman, an author on the paper, discusses what his team has learned from the model.”

Why? To learn.  If we’d never gone into space we’d never have the global networks we enjoy now.  To my mind – and for the 1 in every 100 people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia – the more we learn, the better.
Research is vital to understanding – and to eventually finding a cure.  We’ll get every dollar spent on research back tenfold if those with mental illness can truly recover.

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  1. Schizophrenia has been around since the dawn of creation and modern science has had more than a century to figure it out, but we still fall victim to the claims of academic researchers that this time it's going to be different. People get better all the time, and many people even go so far as to say (gasp) they are cured, but personal stories and learning from people who have been there (and back)are scoffed at as not being scientifically rigorous. Research in mental health care is, unfortunately, big business.
    Rossa Forbes (unfortunately the comment box had problems processing my name and URL.)

  2. Hi Rossa – and thanks for commenting! Ah, yes, it is indeed big business. Not big enough yet to cure my son, but I am ever hopeful. In the meantime, any new information could lead to a better solution than the meds that are currently the cornerstone of his recovery. The rest of his treatment plan (love, purpose, support) have, I agree, very little to do with science. But all the love in the world couldn't keep him out of the hospital and give him his life back. Not yet anyway.
    Meanwhile, I love to hear words like yours "people get better all the time." Thanks.

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