Can Schizophrenia be Prevented?

If you want the facts and latest news about schizophrenia and the people affected by it (those who have been diagnosed and the people who love them), I highly recommend two amazing websites:, and

NAMI has taught me that there are nine stages of emotional response for the families of those with mental illness. Whether you are in an earlier stage like crisis/chaos, a middle stage such as anger/grief or a later stage such as understanding, information will – immediately or eventually – help to empower you.

Click on the address or title for the links to each website – NAMI’s home page, and a new article found on about prevention of schizophrenia.

Preventing Schizophrenia
One of the messages in my book Ben Behind His Voices:One Family’s Journey from the Chaos of Schizophrenia to Hope is that early detection is vital. Articles like this help us know what to look for, much as we may not want to see it at the time. Much research suggests that prevention of psychotic breaks can avoid the destruction of brain matter. I encourage you to learn all you can

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