Ben Behind His Voices this summer!

The cover design has been chosen at last, and it makes the upcoming publication finally seem real. The exact date of publication is still tbd, but it should be in bookstores in August 2011, and available for pre-order at the end of June or by July. There are more updates available by either joining the facebook group “Ben Behind His Voices, the book”, or by joining my e-mail list using the link on the home page at – just specify the “Ben” list when you get to your choices.

Here are some advance comments, though!
Poignant, stark, and the energy of the scenes are set up really well. This work has screenplay written all over it. The dialogue is wonderful and the pace of the story moves briskly. – Nancy DeRosa, author of A Penny’s Worth, and There’s No Place Like Home

What I find most compelling about Ben Behind His Voices is the author’s honesty as a mother about her true feelings. She connects with her readers because she allows herself to be human and vulnerable and share both her struggles and triumphs.
– Amy J. Barry is author of A Child’s Grief Journey and writes an award-winning parenting column, A Parent’s Eye View.

Should be required reading for all psychology professionals and students, as well as anyone who loves or cares for someone suffering with schizophrenia. Incredibly well-written, profoundly honest and, perhaps, most importantly, Randye Kaye offers help and hope to thousands of families needing to hear her story. I sat holding my breath as I turned each page. The author is not only a survivor and an incredibly loving mother, she is – by any standards – a gifted writer.
Linda Appleman Shapiro, psychotherapist/oral historian/author of Four Rooms Upstairs: A Psychotherapist’s Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness.

0 thoughts on “Ben Behind His Voices this summer!

  1. Randye,
    Congratulations on the cover and the advance comments. Having a brother with Schizophrenia(passed away two years ago), and knowing your son prior to his diagnosis, I am really looking forward to reading the book.
    You've inspired me to continue my pursuit as an author as well.
    Hi to your son and keep us posted about the publishing.

  2. Thanks, Monica. I have several friends who have lost siblings twice – once to a mental illness, then again when they pass away. I will say hi to
    "Ben" for you. He is taking classes again, and is so much more focused than he was when his illness was developing in high school. Enthusiastic, even. There were many years when we feared we'd never see that attitude again.
    Will definitely keep you posted. And glad to have inspired -good luck with your book!

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