Joey Pants and No Kidding Me Too

Among the celebs brave enough to “come out” re their mental illness: the wonderful Joey Pantoliano. Here he appears on STAR 99.9 Morning Show (where I used to work, now it’s Tad and Marit – with Tommy Edison) talking about his documentary.

If you haven’t seen the documentary, go here for info:

and, as always,

Been asked to speak on September 1st for Child Guidance Annual Meeting, also a NAMI chapter on the importance of family love in recovery – also on what the family needs: SEARCH (for Support, Education, Acceptance, Resilience, Communication Skills, and Humor/Hope). If any of use can help even one person…I remember feeling so alone before I found out I really wasn’t (thank you, NAMI – now there’s nkm2, also Bring Change 2 mind, and more). Yeah, the club you never really wanted to join, but dealing with mental illness in someone you love is difficult enough without feeling lonely and isolated on top of it. That’s what I hope Ben Behind His Voices will do when published, as many of you who have read preview chapters have told me. Thanks for your courage in sharing your stories here in these comments as well.

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