always a wrinkle: the problem with State Budgets

The wide spectrum of developments when your child has a mental illness.

Plus side -wonderful weekend with Ben. Family game of Boggle as we hunkered down in the rainstorm. Ben beat us all, soundly.  His brain when balanced: amazing.

Minus side – Monday surprise: suddenly, the group home where Ben has been living for over five years has announced that Ben will have to leave soon; after all, they are “transitional housing”.  No matter that the other residents have been there even longer than Ben.  Also, despite requests, his agency caseworkers have not moved at all in those five years toward getting him on a waiting list for another program.  So now everyone will have to move on this.

If Ben were to live here at home while in transition (not a good move anyway, as I am a much better mother when I am not a policeman/caseworker too), it would mess up his benefits (meager as they are).  This is what can happen when the State decides it has to make budget cuts that make absolutely no sense in the long run for those with mental illness who are STABLE.  At last. Weigh the cost of supervised housing/stability to homelessness/repeated hospital stays. Should be a preventive care no-brainer.


Good news for the memoir, though! some interest!
Ben Behind His Voices: One Family’s Journey through Schizophrenia to a New ‘Normal’

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