Dean’s List

If anyone had told me, 5 years ago, that my son Ben would return to college, earn and A and a B – to make the Dean’s List! – and would be well enough to drive me to work as I recover from hip replacement surgery, I’d have been both doubtful and grateful. Grateful for the hope and faith, doubtful because it would have seemed like such a pipe dream. Even now I know it’s best to stay in the moment; really, the only way to approach happiness of any sort. Feel it, appreciate it, live in that happiness. Don’t think about what the success may predict; just know that there is success.

Ben, who began this semester by refusing his meds – afraid to succeed? – finished with the best results since eighth grade. There is hope; there is a maturation process, there is recovery, no matter how slowly it progresses.

I am SO proud of Ben!

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