Medicare premiums stopped?

The notice comes from Social Security, informing me that “The State” will no longer pay for Ben’s Medicare – as of two months ago? No reason given. What? What does this mean? Is he without Medical Insurance then? He has no income, and is trying so hard to get his life back. For the first time in three years, he’s in school and actually loves it – doing his assignments, taking the bus every Tuesday and Thursday. His benefits add up to under $900 a month, from SSI, SSDI and a housing supplement. All this to pay room, board, bus fare – with about $25 left each week for all other expenses (including buying lunch at school). He cannot possibly afford to pay for his own Medicare. What gives?

So I call Ben’s caseworker at his house, who is sympathetic but doesn’t understand what’s going on either. The house manager says “I’m clinical, not legal”, so he doesn’t fully understand the benefit system. I call Social Security, who says to call the State. The State operator sends me to an extension where there is no voice mail and rings 20 times; I call back and ask the receptionist for help. Someone has got to know something. She takes pity on me and looks up Ben’s info; evidently a Mr. Banner closed Ben’s case in 2007. What?!?! I call Mr. Banner and leave a message. I call my lawyer, whom I can no longer afford to pay, in a panic. What does this mean?

Finally Mr. Banner calls me back and is nicer than I expected. He says Ben needs an EMB, I ask what that is, but he doesn’t really know what it stands for. Social Security has to make the determination as to whether Ben is qualified to get Medicare. He sends the EMB. I call Social Security, and speak to another actual human. She tells me this should all be straightened out soon, but since the SS office is two months behind, Ben’s premiums will continue to come out of his benefit check for another two months, and then he will be reimbursed.

I call Harrison House, where Ben resides. I think we have this straightened out. But no one seems to know how this occured in the first place. My lawyer returns my call and says she’s glad I was able to get this straightened out. Me, too – if it is.

What do consumers with a mental illness do if they have no mother to chase down the answers with phone call after phone call? If six mentally healthy adults can’t figure it out, don’t know where to turn, how does the system work for someone whose mental capacity is compromised by more than just a ridiculously complicated system? No wonder homelessness seems like a simpler option.

I’m so grateful Ben has people on his side, including me. I’m so grateful.

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