Satellite Media Tour: Tales from the Virtual Road

Wow. Last Tuesday, all from the comfort of the Murray Hill Studios in NYC, I had the privilege of appearing all over the country thanks to the magic of Satellite – and a fabulous make-up artist didn’t hurt, either.  Here’s one interview that aired on Fox News (.com).

Since Peggy Ann couldn’t see me […]

Connecticut Style, WTNH: Interview with Jocelyn Maminta

Jocelyn Maminta is a wonderful journalist and talk-show host – and our paths have crossed many times throughout the years. During my years as a radio personality,  speaker and now author, we often appeared together at local events, and I’ve had the privilege of hearing about her personal inspiring project, Caroline’s Room. She is a […]

Risk: The Price of Independence?

Ben has been spending a lot of time with us lately; in fact, this is the closest we’ve had to daily contact since he lived with us prior to his first hospitalizations in 2003.  It’s different now; he has grown.  Eight years in a group home have taught him independence, respect and self-esteem that he’d […]

Parenting, Illness, and…Guilt?

Amanda Fellows, a fellow voice talent and radio host for Business Women Connect, interviewed me today for her show on Blog Talk Radio.  We had a luxurious half hour for the interview, rare in commercial radio. Of course, it went by in a flash.

Amanda Fellows

Amanda asked two questions I hadn’t heard yet […]

Mental Health Issues: Lessons from the Talk Show Circuit

audiobook in CD format

In six days, Ben Behind His Voices will be officially released (audiobook version, too – preview it here!), although according to Amazon stats there have been healthy advance sales of the hardcover and kindle versions. So it’s out there! But, to spread the word, getting the media interested and involved […]

PBS, ABC, Boston Globe, and the Flu

when mommy's hug could cure

Ben has spent the night – we’ve all been there – worshiping the porcelain throne.  Either a stomach flu, or spoiled Chinese food (thanks, Hurricane Irene), but who cares why? Poor thing is in pain. No mom wants to see that. Plus, he is whining! Ah, yes, nothing like […]

Sharing the Message: Interviews, Reactions, Reviews

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on WBAI  in New York by Armand DiMele, for his popular broadcast “The Positive Mind” .  The show aired on August 23, 2011, but you can listen to the archived show here:

If you’d like to read more about Ben Behind His Voices, I’ve had the pleasure […]

Families on the Treatment Team- and book reviews

First two official reviews for Ben Behind His Voices: exciting! Every positive review, from official sources like these and from readers, will help spread the message of respect, empathy, truth and the need for supportive services for those with mental illness and the people who love them.

From Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal:

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Families and Mental Illness: Listen, please.

I woke up early this morning, grateful to have slept at all. It’s finally Monday, and the main players on Ben’s so-called recovery team are back at work. Maybe – just maybe – I can do something today that will help Ben, repair some small part of the damage that has been done by the […]

Parenting with Challenges: Sense of Humor Required?

interview, “Family w/ Schizophrenia finds Hope

With the official launch of Ben Behind His Voices less then three months away (OK, by one day, but still…), interest is growing and I’ve been lucky enough to appear on a few talk show already.  One interview, longer and more serious in nature, is on the […]